MetaPump Jay Cutler Series is excited to announce a project which will bring blockchain utility to bodybuilding and bodybuilding culture to the Metaverse and beyond! MetaPump is releasing its first NFT project: a personality-themed collection of 9600 unique NFTs total with 100 Limited Edition Jay Cutler NFTs. The NFTs will drop on the Ethereum blockchain and the OpenSea platform, trusted by millions of users. They will also serve as admission tickets to the MetaGym, the first-ever hybrid global-Metaverse project for fitness enthusiasts. This legendary NFT release collaborates with one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, the 4-time Mr. Olympia.


  • Go to MetaMask.io and select from Android or iOS for mobile application and select Chrome for desktop. You can also go directly to the Chrome store, Google Play store, or Apple App Store (soon).

  • After installing MetaMask you can connect your wallet above. Once connected, and during our public sale, you will be presented with an option to mint your NFT. Select how many NFT's you would like to mint and click the "MINT NOW" button, then accept the transaction presented to you in your wallet.

  • You can view your NFT in MetaMask, simply click the button below to add it to your wallet or, go to Opensea.io and connect with your wallet to view your NFT.


  • Phase 1
    1. Launch social media channels - Twitter and Instagram to begin building initial support and hype for the project, first attracting crypto / NFT buyers, eventually blending in traditional fitness to these channels.

    2. Website to show off a Premium brand for MetaGym Jay Cutler Series. Notable inclusions; a how-to section for new NFT buyers, video clips including Jay Cutler, and future of the project showcase.

    3. Launch a Discord specific to the NFT / Metaverse community. Mr. Cutler will drop in once in a while and engage with the community.

    4. Launch an exclusive clothing line that drops ships from the website. Allow people to tweet / Instagram / etc., the merchandise purchase and get a premier WHITELIST spot for the project. Limit to first: 1000 sales.

  • Phase 2
    1. APRIL/MAY - We launch this NFT Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 NFT's at a set minting price - to be determined depending on market conditions.

    2. After the sale of the NFT collection, 25% of proceeds will acquire digital land in the Metaverse to bring to life the vision of the first of its kind - Jay Cutler's MetaGym™

    3. The MetaGym™ development continues with the latest technologies to bring the most immersive and interactive experience that technology currently allows.

    4. Jay Cutler loves nothing more than his loyal fans, and to show this, fans holding his NFT's will get a chance to win a trip to meet Jay and workout, the ultimate VIP experience! Others will get an opportunity to meet Jay on group calls/chats in the exclusive community both online and in the future Metaverse.

    5. Jay believes in giving back and wants to donate 10% to the Make a Wish Foundation.

  • Phase 3
    1. Construction begins for our new home clubhouse in the Metaverse. We can't wait to reveal the immersive areas and special floors dedicated to NFT holders only!

    2. Future expansion plans revealed for the Metaverse and clubhouse exclusive to MetaGym Jay Cutler Series NFT holders.